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Jan. 5, 2004

The first public beta version of Wormouse is released! In this version, only rotational mouse cursor is supported, and it replaces only the default mouse cursor.

Wormouse 0.1 public-beta

How to use:

  1. Extract the ZIP file into a directory. Run the executable file.
  2. In the dialog box, click "Load Cursor" button.
  3. Choose a PNG file to load. You can use the PNG file in the ZIP file. If you want to use your own PNG file, you should use 32x32 for best result. The PNG file must be square and its size smaller than 96x96.
  4. After loading the PNG file, click on the image to set the hot spot, such as the tip of an arrow. You can also type the coordinate manually.
  5. Click on the "Set Cursor" button to apply your settings.
  6. You can minimize the dialog box now. You can see a small icon in the system tray. Double click the icon to bring the dialog box back. Right click the icon to show the menu.
  7. This program saves the settings in a file. When you run this program next time, it loads the settings automatically.

Usage pic 1 Usage pic 2 Usage pic 3

System Requirement:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Windows 98/ME is not supported.
  • Display: Hi-color (16 bits) or true color (24/32 bits). 256 colors mode is not supported.

Dec. 31, 2003

I am working on a project enabling rotating mouse cursors like what in Worms 3D. A "proof-of-concept" version is available here. This version requires these DLLs to run. The program I am working on is MFC-free. :)

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