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General Usage

A brief description of basic operations is in the "Introduction" section. In this section, we will discuss how to create, edit, and import schemes.

The main window is shown here for reference.

Main window

Scheme Basics

To support alpha blended cursors, Wormouse does not use the system cursor files (*.cur or *.ani). Wormouse has its own mouse cursor files, *.wmc. All Wormouse cursors, including rotation cursors and animated cursors, all use the same extension (*.wmc).

Wormouse also has a scheme file type, *.wms. A Wormouse scheme file contains all mouse cursors it used. That is, you don't need the original Wormouse cursor files to use a scheme file. You can also extract the cursors into a Wormouse cursor file (*.wmc).

Import Schemes

If you downloaded a Wormouse scheme file (*.wms) from the internet, how to use it? It is pretty simple. Click the "Load Scheme" button, a file dialog will be shown. Now you can just choose your Wormouse scheme file (*.wms), and Wormouse will use this new scheme file. Furthermore, this scheme file will be added into the pull-down box, and you are able to choose it from the pull-down box.

Note that if you modified your current scheme, it will be lost after new scheme is loaded. Wormouse will pop up a message box to let you confirm the loading if you have modified the current scheme.

Create and Edit Schemes

You can modify current scheme by load some cursors or reset some cursor types. The top two buttons in "Scheme Tools" is for this task.

  • Assign Cursor: click this button to load a Wormouse cursor file (*.wmc) and assign it to the selected cursor type. Note that the old cursor assigned to the cursor type will be replaced. If you want the old cursor, you may want to extract it before loading a new cursor.
  • Back To Default: click this button to remove any assigned cursor of the selected cursor type. The old cursor will be lost, so you may want to extract it if you don't have the old cursor file.

To extract the current selected cursor, click the "Extract Cursor" button. You can save the current selected cursor to a new Wormouse cursor file (*.wmc). You can use this file to assign the cursor to other cursor types later.

After you modified your scheme, you may want to save it to a new or existing scheme file. Either way, you may want to modify the scheme name. You can type your new scheme name directly in the pull-down box, then click the "Save Scheme" button. If you save to a new scheme file, it will be added to the pull-down box, and you can select it later.

See an example here

The Scheme Selection Box

The pull-down box where you selecting from different schemes, actually acts as some kind of cache. It tracks all Wormouse scheme files you loaded (at most 256 different scheme files can be tracked). You can quickly select from all scheme files you have ever loaded from this box.

What happens if a Wormouse scheme file has been deleted? Nothing. Wormouse does not actively track all files in the pull-down box, since it will consume too much time and resource. However, if you choose a scheme from the box where the scheme file is missing, an error message will be displayed ("Unable to open file"), and the entry in the box will be removed.

The tracked files and other settings are saved in the configuration file named wormouse.cfg, which is put in the same directory as the program. If this file is missing, Wormouse scans the directory where the program resides, and insert all Wormouse scheme files into the pull-down box. A new configuration file is saved when the program ended.

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