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Wormouse is a simple program which provides interesting cursors to replace normal system cursors in Windows®. It is inspired by the interesting mouse cursor, which rotates according to the direction of the mouse movement, in the user interface of the game Worms 3D®. The main purpose of this utility is to provide the same mouse cursor in Windows®. It also provides support for true color, alpha blended mouse cursor, and animated cursors.

System Requirement

  • Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® compatible CPU
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP1
  • Hi-color (16 bits) or true color (24/32 bits) display adapter2


  1. This program utilizes Microsoft® Layer for Unicode which provides support for Unicode under Windows® 98/ME. However, this program has not been tested on these operating systems, so your mileage may vary.
  2. In theory this program should work with 256 colors mode, but it is not recommended anyway. 256 colors mode is not enough for alpha blended cursors.

Installation and Running

Wormouse came in a ZIP file. Windows® XP can extract ZIP files directly. For other operating systems, any ZIP utility can be used to unzip it, such as WinZIP® or WinRAR®. Unzip this ZIP file into a directory, such as C:\wormouse. Any directory will do.

After the ZIP file is extracted, run the wormouse.exe program in the directory. If you don't know how to do this, just double click on the file with yellow arrow icon. If everything goes well, Wormouse should be running with the demo scheme come with the ZIP package. You can see a small yellow arrow in the system tray.

Wormouse in system tray

Now you'll notice that your mouse cursor becomes a "rotation cursor," which rotates and points to the moving direction. If it's your first time you encounter this type of mouse cursor, you may need some time to get use to it.

Right click on the yellow arrow icon, you can bring up a pop-up menu with three options:

  • Enable: choose this to enable or disable the program temporary. The check mark denotes current status.
  • Settings: bring up the main window of Wormouse.
  • Exit: quit this program.

You can also double click the yellow arrow icon in the system tray to bring up the main window.

Basic Operations

Main Window

Double click the yellow arrow icon to bring up the main window.

Wormouse main window

We just discuss some simple operations here. Detailed discussion of each function in this window will come later.

This main window looks and works like the system mouse cursor dialog box in the Control Panel. If you have used it, you may find this window familiar.

On the top you can see a pull-down box marked as "Scheme." If you have multiple schemes, you can choose them in this pull-down box. If it's your first time running this program, there should be only one scheme, "Demo Scheme." It is the scehem came in the package.

The big list box lists all different cursor types, and their current cursors. You can click on anyone of them to see the preview of the cursor, which is displayed in the top-right box. The cursor types in gray text are not assigned to any cursor in this scheme. That is, they still use system cursors. System cursors can not be previewed in this version.

On the bottom of the window, there are three buttons:

  • Options: let you set some options
  • About: display the "About" dialog box
  • Exit: quit this program

To close the main window, click on the "minimize" [_] button or "close" [X] button. The program will continue to run in the background after the main window closes.

Options Window

Click on the "Options" button will display the "Options" Window.

Options window

Angles of rotation cursors: this number can be range from 16 to 512. More angles make the rotation cursors more smooth. The default 128 is actually enough for most situation. Note that more angles also need more memory. If you use many rotation cursors and want to save some memory space, you can assign a smaller number. The number can only be one of the following: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512. Other numbers will not be accepted.

Enable Alpha Blending: enabling alpha blending on the cursors, which make the cursors look smooth. It is especially important for rotation cursors. However, if your system has problem with alpha blending, you can disable it.

Enable Cursor Shadow: this works just like the system's "pointer shadow." It works only when alpha blending is enabled. If you disable alpha blending, the cursors will work as system cursor and system's pointer shadow will apply to them.

Run this program when Windows starts: enable this if you want to automatically run this program whenever Windows starts. Note that if you want to move this program to another directory, or to delete this program, you should disable this function first.

Other Functions

For other functions, please refer to the "General Usage" and "Creating Cursors" sections.

Copyright © 2003, 2004 Ping-Che Chen (e-mail: hotball.chen 'at' msa.hinet.net)