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Creating a Rotation Cursor

In this example, we demostrate how to create a rotation cursor, step by step.

In the main window, click the "Create Cursor" button. It shows a dialog box which lets you choose the cursor type:

Select Cursor Type

Select "Rotation" and click "Next" button. It opens the Rotation Cursor Editor window.

Rotation Cursor Editor

Now click the "Load Image" button, and open the file arrow_small.png in the images directory.

Open file

The image is loaded into the editor, and displayed in the preview box.

Image loaded

Now you can set the hot spot position by clicking on the preview box. The hot spot position for this cursor is, of course, at its tip. The coordinate will be shown in the hot spot fields.

Hot spot assigned

Note that if you already know the coordinate of the hot spot, you can directly input them in the hot spot fields.

Click the "Next" button to save this cursor to a Wormouse cursor file (*.wmc). You can assign this cursor to any cursor type in the scheme later.

Save cursor file


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