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Creating a Scheme

In this example, suppose you want to assign the "Link Select" cursor to the same cursor as normal cursor (it is not advised to do so, we just use it as an example). Select the "Link Select" cursor type first:

Select Link Select

Now click the "Assign Cursor" button. It shows a file dialog:

Load cursor

The default rotation cursor is in the "cursors" directory. Double click it and select the "arrow_small.wmc" file.

Load cursor 2

Now the cursor is loaded, and the "Link Select" will be assigned to it:

Link Select assigned

(You may need to scroll to the buttom to see it)

Now move the mouse cursor to a link, you'll notice that it is still the same rotation cursor.

To save the new scheme, give it a new name first. Type the new name "My New Scheme" in the pull-down box:

Type scheme name

You don't actually need a new name. However, if two schemes share the same name, it will be difficult to know which one is which one in the pull-down box.

Click the "Save Scheme" button, and type a new file name my scheme:

Type scheme file name

Now the new scheme file is saved, you can choose between the two schemes in the pull-down box:

Select schemes

If you accidentally replaced the original demo.wms file, just select the "Link Select", click the "Back To Default" button, the previous assigned cursor will revert back to the original system cursor. Now type the original scheme name in the pull-down box ("Demo Scheme"), and click the "Save Scheme" button and save to the demo.wms file. Now the demo.wms shoule be back to its original status.


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