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Apr. 9, 2004

After a silent month, a new Wormouse version, the Wormouse 0.25, is finally out! This version includes many suggestions from Seven^3. Enjoy it! :)

A new document for this version is not ready yet. However, most functions remain the same, and the old document is still very useful.

Wormouse 0.25 public-beta

Major changes:

  • Added three buttons, OK, Cancel, and Apply, to the main window. The three buttons work similar to the mouse pointer panel in the Control Panel of the system.
  • The Exit button has been relocated to the left of the main window.
  • An Enable/Disable button has been added to the main window (which was only available in the pop-up menu).
  • A balloon type tool tip is shown when Wormouse runs at the first time.
  • An option is added to enable restoring mouse pointers from the system control panel settings. This is for fixing the animating mouse cursors become still cursors after running Wormouse.
  • The Microsoft Layer for Unicode has been removed, as this program is reported to not work under Windows 98/ME.

Feb. 26, 2004

This is another small bug fix for the 0.24b: the Wormouse 0.24c :) A bug about rotation cursors is fixed. Furthermore, a new image for small arrow is provided, courtesy of AndrewTaylor. I also included a new 96x96 big arrow for those people with big monitors :).

Wormouse 0.24c public-beta

Feb. 20, 2004

The Wormouse 0.24b public-beta is released. It contains a small bug fix for a resource leak problem in cursor editors. The document is also ready for download now.

On-line document

Feb. 11, 2004

The Wormouse 0.24 public-beta is released. It is a bug-fix version of 0.23 public-beta, with some minor improvements.

Major changes:

  • Removed the dependency on msvcr71.dll.
  • Added a check box in the Options dialog box to make this program automatically run at Windows start up.
  • Fixed a few crashing bugs in the cursor editors (both rotation cursor editor and animated cursor editor.
  • The cursor in the preview box in the rotation cursor editor is now alpha blended.
  • Mouse cursor changed to "Precision Select" making it easier to set hot spot.
  • A "preview animation" switch is added into the animation cursor editor, now it's possible to preview individual frames.

Known issues:

  • A system animated cursor will become a still image cursor after running this program. Open the "Pointers" tab in the "Mouse Properties" control panel to fix this. This issue is currently under investigation.

Wormouse 0.24 public-beta

Feb. 6, 2004

The Wormouse 0.23 public-beta is a slightly improved version over 0.22 with some bug fixes. Please upgrade to this version.

Major changes:

  • Change the working thread algorithm to reduce CPU usage (more than 5x reduction has been observed).
  • The popup menu in the system tray closes now when losing focus.
  • The system tray icon is contsantly updated to prevent icon loss in case of Windows shell crash.
  • Rotation cursor algorithms are changed.
  • This version includes Microsoft Layer for Unicode to be able to run under Windows 95/98/ME. However, this is not tested yet.
  • Some unexplained increase of memory usage in the animated cursor editor are fixed.

Wormouse 0.23 public-beta

Feb. 5, 2004

The Wormouse 0.22 public-beta is released. This version includes the following changes:

  • Windows XP style UI when running on Windows XP.
  • The number of angles of rotation cursors can be adjusted now.
  • Added cursor shadows.
  • It is now possible to extract cursor files from a wormouse scheme.
  • Cursor files are now compressed. Older uncompressed files are still supported.
  • Fixed a bug in the animated cursor editor.
  • Names of cursor types are now the same as in the control panel.
  • Algorithm of rotation cursors are changed slightly.

Wormouse 0.22 public-beta

I also added several new mouse cursors, also included in the "Demo Scheme." Enjoy!

And if you created some mouse cursors you are proud of, please share them with others! Send your mouse cursors to me, and I'll make them available here for anyone to download. Thanks!

Wormouse 0.22 public-beta screenshot

Jan. 30, 2004

This homepage has been restructured.

Jan. 25, 2004

There are some bugs with the cursor mask in the 0.2 version, so I put up a patched version today. Furthermore, the new version includes a new "alpha blending" switch, which can be turned off if you have problem with alpha blended cursors.

Many thanks to spikeyfox for reporting this problem.

Wormouse 0.21 public-beta


  • An alpha blending mode switch
  • Fixed a bug about cursor mask generation

Spikeyfox provided a Wormouse scheme file which includes larger rotation cursor. [download]

Jan. 24, 2004

The Wormouse 0.2 public beta is ready! This is a major update, mostly about the GUI. The system requirement is much about the same as Wormouse 0.1. Some 24 bits systems are reported to have problem with alpha blended cursors, but I still don't know the reason.

To avoid more waiting, I decided to post it BEFORE the user guid is complete. This program is not hard to understand, though. The user guide may be useless for some people :)

Wormouse 0.2 public-beta (Obsolete, use 0.21 instead)

Major changes:

  • A new GUI
  • New cursor file type
  • New scheme file type
  • Animation cursor support

Jan. 22, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am still working on the next public beta version of Wormouse. It is almost ready for release, probably in this week. I put a screenshot of the next public beta version here for you, enjoy! :)

Wormouse 0.2 tease

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